My Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful modality that initiates deep change, quickly. It differs from psychological work primarily because it is focused on the present and the future. There is no lingering in the past with transformational coaching. If there are unhealed events within your history which render you unable to function within your present, blocking progress toward  your future, then you are better suited for psychotherapy. I do, however, work with clients in a coaching capacity as an adjunct to their therapy, with therapeutic approval to do so. Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy, though it is a nice complement to the work. Coaching requires a person to be self-correcting (meaning they understand when they’re being destructive to themself or others), and self-generating (meaning they take active responsibility for their own progress and healing).

Currently, though there is the rumor of change, the field of coaching does not have a federal licensing body. That means a person can have no formal training or education in the area of coaching and still set up shop. To me, this is a very important factor. I am proud of the fact that in order to become a coach I went through a rigorous educational journey, which augmented my life experience.

My Focus~

Whether you’re looking for a greater sense of passion, purpose, healing, creativity, or simple serenity, I believe I can help you move forward to achieving your goals. My practice of coaching brings you into alignment with your highest functioning Self. This translates to everyday workplace satisfaction & success, leaping into big life changes, relationship improvement, organizing your life, finding a deeper sense of what your spirit is calling for… the possibilities are endless.

My focus is in the release of deep blocks associated with fear, self-doubt, and unseen patterns which work to impede life goals and hinder the recognition of our own passion and purpose. My work is intuitive and skilled, bridging the ignored or shadow aspects of Self back into communication with our everyday ego-consciousness. In this reunion, the foundation for authenticity, creative freedom, and progress can be built. I believe that we are all intuitive and creative, though each of us carries our own unique gifts. The unraveling, fostering, and development of these gifts is where our own power lies. In this journey, we find unlimited potential. In this journey, we come alive.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. I take this field very seriously and hold myself to the highest professional standards, while also having a boat-load of fun with it. I think if we have the pleasure of working together that you will too.

Thank you for being here!


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