Shamanism is about bringing all parts of Self into harmony. It’s about understanding that everything has a spirit, everything is alive. We can learn to come into personal relationship with nature which can nurture us, strengthen us, and I believe teach us how to heal our world by healing our Self.

I’ve been practicing shamanism my entire life, but only just realized it three years ago when I had a spontaneous shamanic initiation. Since then, I have been on a formal shamanic path, working and studying with shamanic healers and teachers from New Mexico, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Oregon. I am currently writing a book about my own shamanic opening. For those called to do shamanic work as a powerful adjunct to their coaching, I offer:

Soul Retrieval ~ Soul retrieval entails recovering lost fragments of our spirits, a loss which can leave us feeling empty, powerless, and lifeless. Recovering our soul fragments can result in a greater sense of wholeness, vitality, and healing.

Shamanic Extraction ~ Working to rid a person’s energy field of “attachments” that drain, exhaust, sadden, and cause fear. The source of shamanic attachments can be other people’s energy, disordered complexes, ancestral wounds, and more.

Power Animal Retrieval ~ We all have spirit allies that help us navigate this earthly path. Power Animals are spirit animals which have volunteered to be our tour guides within the inner realms of consciousness. They help us to expand, grow, and find our courage; and they are an unending source of guidance and love. They are cherished teachers and friends. After spending twenty years in the field of veterinary medicine and being born with an extraordinary relationship to the entire animal kingdom, it is my pleasure and honor to help a person connect with their power animal. (Note: In the totemic belief system, we also have totem animals which offer us invaluable teachings throughout our everyday lives. Power animals are not totems, but spirit animal allies which help us safely navigate the realms of non-ordinary reality. This is an important distinction.)

I charge $120/ 60 minute session for all of my shamanic work. If you have any questions, please email me at There is no standard number of sessions recommended for shamanic work. This is entirely dependent upon your energy and your needs. Some find great healing through only one session… others need regular shamanic sessions in order to feel enlivened and empowered.

If you’re curious about shamanism, there are a few books that I recommend:

Awakening to the Spirit World by Sandra Ingerman & Hank Wesselman (This book includes a beautiful drumming CD that I use daily for my own shamanic journey practice.)

Illumination by Alberto Villoldo

Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice by Tom Cowan

I am a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.


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