Coaching Services

I work by phone or Skype with clients all over the United States. My appointments are 50 minutes long, though I offer half-sessions if that works best for you. My fees are $85 per 50 minute session, or $45 per 25 minute session.

Please accept a FREE 15 minute introductory call to determine if my coaching is right for you.

I separate my coaching into four categories, though there is certainly overlap within all four. I offer Executive Coaching (getting through conflicts, dissatisfaction, and lack of progress in the workplace), Transformational Coaching  (overcoming old patterns which aren’t serving us any longer… finding our way back to the authentic Self), Transpersonal Coaching (the age-old lament of “there has to be more than this!”, it’s about finding meaning in life and staying connected to our own spirit), and Life Coaching (the desire to get more done in less time, becoming more organized, and finding greater ease in our day-to-day tasks and requirements).

Coaching tends to produce rapid, sustaining results. Because of that, permanent change can occur in as little as three sessions. I recommend starting with three sessions and then reassessing your goals. There is no right or wrong, only what it takes to bring you to that next level.

My email is I also welcome you to “Like” my Facebook business page. Feel free to contact me by email, Facebook, or leave a comment here on my blog!

Client Testimonials:

“During our first session together, Kristy was able to help release an emotional block that had been weighing me down for over a year. Together, we were able to get down to the core cause of this block and figure out a plan for empowerment and healing. Subsequent sessions with Kristy helped me to develop tools, techniques, and insights that not only significantly improved my wellbeing, but also paved the way for my goals. Kristy is genuinely warm and caring, intuitive to my needs, endlessly encouraging and always seems to know exactly what I need to hear no matter what the situation.”   -C.T., Baltimore 

“While working with Kristy, I felt she was able to point me towards activities that helped deepen my serenity.  I’ve always had an intellectual approach to life in general and she encouraged me to explore my creative side to facilitate open feelings and thinking.  After each session I felt a renewed sense of purpose and energy in my life… I only wish I could work with her more!” -D.B., Minneapolis  

“I am extremely grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Kristy which I found to be tremendously beneficial. The work we did was profound and provided me with much-needed clarity in terms of the direction of my life goals. And it was a lot of fun; in a way that only enhanced the experience. I especially appreciated Kristy’s warm, engaging, and compassionate approach and her generosity of Spirit.” -S.D., Australia 

“Kristy has helped me recover the pieces of myself that I had repressed for many years.  This was exactly what I needed in order to heal a current life issue. She has also helped me release some energies that were no longer useful to me.  Her intuitive skills are amazing, and I am so grateful to know such a beautiful soul. I highly recommend Kristy Sweetland to anyone searching for guidance.” -A.S., Wisconsin


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